Let’s Give the Floor Up to Advertising

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Product Description


It all began over 3,000 years ago with an Egyptian textile worker named Hapù. He was the first person in history to devise an advertising text. It was not just a simple advertisement but a universe of narrative held in a few lines. Many years later, the English gave a name to this marvel: world building.
Hands up who doesn’t know Madge the manicurist from Palmolive, Fred the baker from Dunkin’ Donuts or Motormouth from Federal Express? “Impossible is nothing”, “Think different”, “Just do it” or “Solutions for a smart planet” are advertising slogans that have gone down in history. During this course, you’re going to try and have fun putting into practice the secrets of the great constructors of narrative worlds, from Hapù to Donald Draper from Mad Men, right from the off. And you will write texts capable of catching the audience’s attention (and their heart!). Then you will play with brand names as each student is going to be given a historic brand to disassemble and put back together so as to understand the mechanisms that made it so well-known.

So if you are keen on words (both written and imaginary words), if you have a business to launch (or to get back on track) or if you’re a would-be copywriter, you’ve come to the right place.

Lessons start in March and go on until May.


How does Classi-fy work?
You’ll have to follow a weekly timetable of appointments, which can be video lessons or notes to read. You’ll have deadlines to write and share your homework on Google Drive. You’ll read what your classmates write and you’ll be able to comment or receive feedback on what you write. You’ll be able to meet each other and talk about the lessons on the forum – ok, we already know you won’t only talk about that, but that’s part of the fun. Sometimes your teacher will post a video in which he publicly analyses the work of the class, but you’ll receive your personal evaluation in private.

What about the course timetable?
Classes start in January 2017 and last three months.

What are the technical skill necessary to take part to the course? Do I have to install a special program on my computer?
You’ll mainly work online, therefore all you need is the internet connection. We’ll use Google Drive to share documents.

What does it happen at the end of the course?
The class will come to Scuola Holden, in Turin, in order to attend the final lesson and collect your diploma. Eventually you’ll meet everyone and, if everything is right, you’ll have a beer together in Borgo Dora to celebrate.