The Body of Writing

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How do you pass from a vague, bare idea (the skeleton) to the writing of full pages (the “flesh” of a story)? And how can you make those pages more and more physical, real, sensorial and present, that is to say, plausible?
The passage from narrative input to real writing can fail and leave many ideas in a limbo, unable to “become bodies”. And once we’re working on a well defined project, the more tiresome problem becomes that of making every single page become substantial and real.
“Giving body” to writing is a process of different phases. During this course we’re going to reflect on how to define a story in order to make it more recognizable and connected to our emotional reality. We’ll focus on technical elements such as descriptions, settings, sensorial details, the use of clear images, metaphors and other rhetorical figures, which make the page richer. We’ll study how to give warmth to your style and to make your narrative voice complete. By following the suggestion of the body, we’ll see that many ways to strengthen this voice have to do with characters’ physicalness and with the capacity of going into and out of their perceptions.


How does Classi-fy work?
You’ll have to follow a weekly timetable of appointments, which can be video lessons or notes to read. You’ll have deadlines to write and share your homework on Google Drive. You’ll read what your classmates write and you’ll be able to comment or receive feedback on what you write. You’ll be able to meet each other and talk about the lessons on the forum – ok, we already know you won’t only talk about that, but that’s part of the fun. Sometimes your teacher will post a video in which he publicly analyses the work of the class, but you’ll receive your personal evaluation in private.

What about the course timetable?
You’ll know it pretty soon: lessons will start in March and will last three months.

What are the technical skill necessary to take part to the course? Do I have to install a special program on my computer?
You’ll mainly work online, therefore all you need is the internet connection. We’ll use Google Drive to share documents.

What does it happen at the end of the course?
The class will come to Scuola Holden, in Turin, in order to attend the final lesson and collect your diploma. Eventually you’ll meet everyone and, if everything is right, you’ll have a beer together in Borgo Dora to celebrate.