From Image to History

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Product Description

Here’s the basic idea: playing the collectionists and the explorer. You might get a bit lost, but then you’ll find you bearings while writing.
How do you play?
Each participant will choose five images, at the most, to work on throughout the whole course which will form their “ideal museum”, so to say. They will need to learn how to move within the space between images and words. For example, how can: a painting by Bruegel suggest the frame of a story, a piece of coloured wall inspire a character, an abstract painting by Klee the idea of history?
In class you will learn how great writers worked on images to construct memorable pages and how they turned them into words and made them become part and parcel of their works. You’ll have to train to see and to show others.
Finally, an autonomous tale will come out of the images chosen at the beginning. It’ll be a short story that will tell you a bit more about what type of writer you may be and our way to look at things.

Classes start in May and last three months.

How does Classi-fy work?
You’ll have to follow a weekly timetable of appointments, which can be video lessons or notes to read. You’ll have deadlines to write and share your homework on Google Drive. You’ll read what your classmates write and you’ll be able to comment or receive feedback on what you write. You’ll be able to meet each other and talk about the lessons on the forum – ok, we already know you won’t only talk about that, but that’s part of the fun. Sometimes your teacher will post a video in which he publicly analyses the work of the class, but you’ll receive your personal evaluation in private.

What are the technical skill necessary to take part to the course? Do I have to install a special program on my computer?
You’ll mainly work online, therefore all you need is the internet connection. We’ll use Google Drive to share documents.

What does it happen at the end of the course?
The class will come to Scuola Holden, in Turin, in order to attend the final lesson and collect your diploma. Eventually you’ll meet everyone and, if everything is right, you’ll have a beer together in Borgo Dora to celebrate.