Give a Classi-fy course as a present: you can’t go wrong!



Product Description

Buying a nice present is mostly a question of tastes, those of the person the present is for, which are often difficult to guess, and ours that may be very different from the receiver’s. And this leads us to the “renowned” panic attack scenes in the shops like “Are they going to like it?” “But then again, am I really sure they’re going to use it?” “Is it better in red or blue?” “Do they really need it?”
With Classi-fy Gift Box you can’t go wrong! You give it as a present and the person who receives it will be able to choose the online course that suits them best. Do they want to learn how to write a script or a screenplay? Have they got a novel on the back burner? Or do they want to take part in the creating of an unforgettable character?
Voilà. If you know somebody who’s really into stories and is looking forward to telling their own ones, Classi-fy courses are the answer. There’s no need to come to Turin; homework and classes can be done whenever, but most importantly, wherever you want! (Yes, you could even be in your pyjamas eating crisps on the sofa while the teacher is explaining. And if you got distracted, all you’d have to do is rewind the video and watch it over again).
Finding the right present is not impossible. You just have to make the right moves to find it.

How does it work?
The receiver is sent an email with your best wishes and a gift code. After that they’ll have a year to sign up for the class they like the best.

What classes can be chosen?
All of the classes in Classi-fy courses. There are courses of narrative writing or script or screenplay writing. Behind the desk there are writers or experts in storytelling, as has always been the tradition at Scuola Holden.

Some examples
Antonella Lattanzi, Paolo Di Paolo, Marco Mancassola, Lorenza Ghinelli and Alessandro Di Pauli. If you’ve never heard of them, we suggest you should go and get hold of their novels. You’re going to like them.

I’ve still got questions. Who do I ask?
Email We’ll answer right away.