The Dark Side of the Internet


Product Description

Technolovers, cyber optimists, cyber utopians, Internet centred… maybe you’ve never heard about them, but you can’t do without your smartphone or wi-fi, even to look what’s on cinema. But are we really sure that the world seen through the Internet is really the real one? Or is it the world as they want us to see it? It may seem a discourse based on the Matrix, but maybe brothers’ Wachowski dystopia is not so far from truth. Attend this Morozov’s lesson and you’ll know why.

On October 16th 2015, in General Store.

Why is this section called Buena Onda?
Because we have always dreamt of lying on a beach in California during the great tides of the Sixties. However, without a surfboard, we know that the waves of the web can give us another type of satisfaction.

If something doesn’t work during the reproduction of the video, how can I complain?
We have created an email address so that you can tell us everything that doesn’t work. We don’t want you to lose a minute of your lesson. So tell us about everything that doesn’t work at miltonclass@scuolaholden.it.