Emmanuel Carrère & Alessandro Baricco

Tennis, Writing and Light Bulbs


Product Description

What happens when two important writers meet at the General Store of Scuola Holden on a spring night? They could talk about their new novels, they could have an amiable conversation or be kind to one another. They could.
Let’s imagine to give a young writer the task to lead a game. Let’s consider the possibility that his idea of meeting has to do with that of a sport match, and everything takes an unexpected turn.
Emmanuel Carrère and Alessandro Baricco challenge themselves on a literary tennis single match, where the balls to play are words such as Faith, Adversaries, Craft, Light Bulbs. Marco Missiroli is the match referee. It’s difficult to predict who’ll be the winner.

March 18th, 2015, in General Store.


Why is this section called Buena Onda?
Because we have always dreamt of lying on a beach in California during the great tides of the Sixties. However, without a surfboard, we know that the waves of the web can give us another type of satisfaction.

If something doesn’t work during the reproduction of the video, how can I complain?
We have created an email address so that you can tell us everything that doesn’t work. We don’t want you to lose a minute of your lesson. So tell us about everything that doesn’t work at miltonclass@scuolaholden.it.