Torino Balon Chiocchia

Product Description

How do you capture the voice of a city? Flavio Stroppini explains it this way: “Once the interesting areas of the city have been identified, we go to those places. We interview people, we shoot landscapes, environments, sounds. We try to catalogue the city into five big groups. We move along the paths built during the analysis/research. We confront our guests subjectivities with the citizens’ ones. All this flows into the creation of a soundtrack of the city that we want to transmit. The sound materials that we record become notes, the tracks become the stave, and the city a musical score. After days of research on the field we held a public performance to give the city back to the citizens. Around 20 minutes live – with piano and noise emissions – that builds, destroys, and solves a space. Each performance is recorded, so to create a big catalogue of cities soundtracks. The catalogue will be published online in 2016. A vinyl will be published for each city.

The live show of City Soundtrack Turin was recorded in General Store, on May 19th, 2015.


Why is this section called Buena Onda?
Because we have always dreamt of lying on a beach in California during the great tides of the Sixties. However, without a surfboard, we know that the waves of the web can give us another type of satisfaction.

If something doesn’t work during the reproduction of the video, how can I complain?
We have created an email address so that you can tell us everything that doesn’t work. We don’t want you to lose a minute of your lesson. So tell us about everything that doesn’t work at